The Caribbean offers a fusion of foods, influenced by different cultures of the world.  Each Island adds its own blend of spices formulated with rich flavors and special cooking techniques.  MadFlava Catering has designed a unique and flavorful menu, full of authentic and exotic Caribbean dishes and desserts.  Specializing in Jamaican flavors and cuisine! Our food reflects our commitment to offer the freshest produce and exceptional quality... New dishes are being added regularly to our menu as we express our creative flare.   

Andre Sherwood, Executive Chef/Owner

We use only the best ingredients 45% are sourced

from jamaica to preserve the authentic taste.

the begining...

MadFlava Catering is a company that promotes sustainable and healthier lifestyles; through the process of cooking and educational programs showcasing the importance of eating healthy.  These ideals are embodied in MadFlava Catering, with focus on real ingredients to reduce sodium and boost flavors naturally.

We are committed to provide topnotch service that will make any event an exceptional experience.  No need to travel to the Caribbean…From weddings to cocktail parties, or anything in between, MadFlava Catering is your best choice.  We take care of all the details, from preparation to clean up.  Our prices are disclosed up front in your event contract, and we do not impose hidden charges.